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Khaloti is a Muslim Jat clan found in Pakistan.


It may have originated from Khallata Naga (109-104 BC), also known as Kalunna, was an early monarch of Sri Lanka of the Anuradhapura Kingdom from 109 BC to 103 BC.


In Mahavansa

Mahavansa/Chapter 33 tells....When Lanjatissa (119-109 BC) was dead his younger brother named Khallata Naga (109-104 BC) reigned six years.

Mahavansa/Chapter 33 tells....A commander of troops named Kammaharattaka, overpowered the ruler, king Khallata Naga, in the capital itself. But the king's younger brother named Vatta Gamini (104 BC) killed the villainous commander and took on himself the government. The little son of his brother, king Khallatanaga, whose name was Mahaculika, he took as his son; and the (child's) mother, Anulädevi, he made his queen. Since he had thus taken the place of a father they called him Pitiraja.

Distribution in Pakistan

According to 1911 census the Khaloti were the principal Muslim Jat clan in Dera Ghazi Khan District with population of Khaloti (720) . [1]

Notable persons


  1. Census Of India 1911 Volume xiv Punjab Part 2 by Pandit Narikishan Kaul

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