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Khandoi (खांडोई/ खंदोई) is a village in Siana tehsil of Bulandshahar district in Uttar Pradesh. Khandoi is a Jat dominated village.


Pincode of the village is 202398. It is situated 18 km away from Siana town, 1 km away from UnchaGaon Jat King fort and 45 km away from Bulandshahr city. Khandoi village has got its own gram panchayat. Bhagawantpur, Sonjna, Rasoolpur, Shafinagar, Nangla, Thana, Mawai, Pilkhani and Maua Khera are some of the nearby villages.

Jat Gotras

Major Jat Gotra in the village is Rajora. Village politics revolves around Rajora's. They have around 1200 Votes. Other Jat gotra in Khandoi are Dagur, Rawat, Dengre and Bainsle.


Khandoi was founded in 1782 by the King of Kuchesar and his name was Rao Ramdhan Singh. During 1782 Rao Ramdhan Singh attacked Uncha Gaon also known as Amarthal which was under the rule of Rajput rulers currently known as Lodh Rajputs.

Ram Dhan had Jats from multiple gotra in his Army. Rajoura Jats played a major role in his Army. It was because of Rajoura's excellent fighting skills and bravery King Ram Dhan was able to capture Uncha Gaon from Lodh Rajputs. After winning Uncha Gaon, Ram Dhan gifted village Khandoi to Rajoura Jats. Khandoi is 0.5 kilometer from Uncha Gaon. Before Ram Dhan conquered Uncha Gaon, Khandoi was primarily a Lodh Rajput village. That's why Khandoi stills has Lodh Rajput population.

Rao Ramdhan Singh had Jats from multiple gotra in his Army. He had Tewatia, Sirohi, Sindhu, Baliyan, Dagur, Dengre gotra Jats in his Army. However, Rajoura Jats played a major role in his Army.

Rao Ramdhan Singh recruited Rajoura's from Doongra Village. Doongra is one of largest Rajoura gotra village located in Anoopshar area in District Bulandshahar. Doongra Jats are well known for their aggressive attitude and muscle power. They dominate and control Anoopshar area.

Rao Ramdhan Singh appointed his trusted commanders Bhavani Singh and Mohar Singh as the Chaudhary of Khandoi and villages around Khandoi. He gave Shafinagar to Sindhu Jats. Shafinagar has Gujjar population in majority however, Sindu Jats owns the majority of land in the village.

Rao Ramdhan Singh gave Philakhni to Baliyan Jats. Philakni has Brahmin population in majority however, Baliyan Jats owns the majority of the land in the village.

Rao Ramdhan Singh gave Nangla to Tewatia and Sirohi Jats. It has lodh population in majority however, Jats own majority of the land in the village. All these villages are around Uncha Gaon.

King Rao Ramdhan Singh got very impressed by the bravery and loyalty of Rajoura's and especially of two brothers Bhavani Singh Rajoura and Mohar Singh Rajoura. Rao Ramdhan Singh gave both of them his name. Generations of Bhavani Singh and Mohar Singh are still living in Khandoi. Bhavani Singh generation living in the village are known as Bard Wale and Mohar Singh generations are known as Zamindar's. Mohar Singh generations had Zamindara during the British rule. Around 30 years ago lot of killing took place between Bhavani Singh and Mohar Singh families. However, now there is a peace between these families and people are living peacefully. Total population of Bhavani Singh and Mohar Singh families members is around 1600.

Bhavani Singh had 2 sons. Kundan Singh and Aant Ram. Kundan Singh had one son Hulasi Singh. Aant Ram had four sons. Baldev Singh, Tota Ram, Khadag Singh and Khoobi Singh. Both Aant Ram and Kundan Singh owned around 800 Bighas farming land.


Population of Khandoi according to Census 2011, is around 6400 (Males : 3437, Females : 2963). These are around 2600 votes in Khandoi. It is one of the largest village in the area.

Jats are around 50% of the population. There is 15% population of Lodh Rajputs and remaining all other castes like Dalit, Bania, Thakur and Muslims.

Notable persons

  • Sanjeev Rajoura - He is living in California (USA) since 2004. On Jan. 21st, 2019. Uttar Pradesh Govt gave him the prestigious UP Pravasi Bhartiya Ratan Award for his efforts to build toilets for Dalit girls in his village (Khandoi) and other villages in Bulandshahar. Award was given by UP Governor Ram Naik, in the presence of Shri VK Singh (MoS for External Affairs, GOI), Swati Singh (NRI Minister), Shri Mahendra Nath Pandey (BJP UP President) and Chief Secretary, NRI Department.


This Page is created by Sanjeev Rajoura. He lives in San Francisco USA. He received the 2019 prestigious UP pravasi Bhartiya Ratan Award. To get more information on Rajoura Family tree and history. Please contact him at

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