Kurukshetra War Day-4

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The Kurukshetra War detailed in the Hindu epic Mahabharata was between the ancient Hindu clans of Kaurava and Pandava and lasted eighteen days.

The Pandavas won the fourth day's battle.

Military formation of the Kaurava Army

(MBh 6.60)

  • Name:- Unknown
  • Shape:-Unknown
  • Architects:- Bhishma
  • Nature:- unknown

Military formation of the Pandava Army

(MBh 6.60)

  • Name:- unknown
  • Shape:-unknown
  • Architects:- unknown
  • Nature:- Unknown

The heroes of the Kaurava army in Day Four

(MBh 6.60)

On Day two Bhishma was protected by Drona, Duryodhana, king Bahlika, Durmarshana, Chitrasena and Jayadratha.

No informantion is available on the 4th day array of Kauravas except this passage:- Pervaded by diverse kinds of forces possessed of great strength, and having in its wings elephants, steeds, infantry, and cars in profusion, Arjuna beheld from a distance to resemble a mighty mass of clouds

The heroes of the Pandava army in Day Four

(MBh 6.56)

No information is available on the 4th day array of Pandavas except this passage:- The Kuru army beheld that best of arrays, which was protected by that mighty car-warrior of the world, Arjuna, with weapons upraised to have at each of its corners four thousand elephants. Like the array which was formed on the day before king Yudhishthira and like of which had never been seen or heard before by human beings, was this one of today that the Pandavas formed.

The highlights of Day Four fight

Warriors Slain

Seven of the 99 brothers of Duryodhana was slain by Bhima on Day 4 Their names were:-

Chapter-wise Summary

  • 6,60 Day 4 Forenoon Arjuna vs Bhishma
  • 6,61 Day 4 Forenoon Samyamani's sons death
  • 6,62 Day 4 Forenoon Slaughter of Magadha elephants by Bhima
  • 6,63 Day 4 Noon Bhima vs large army of kings
  • 6,64 Day 4 AfterNoon Bhima slays 7 of the 100 Kauravas.

The highlight of the Day Four fight was that Bhima slaughtered seven of the 99 brothers of Duryodhana, effecting the first shock to that arrogant king of the Kurus, whose arrogance was the root cause of this immense slaughter of men, called the Kurukshetra War. Arjuna also became fully active as a warrior, and fought bravely with his grandfather Bhishma. Bhima also devastated the elephant division of the Magadhas. On the Day 2 he had affliected the elephants of Kalingas. After the fourth day Bhima became an expert smitter of elephant armies. (The armies which are skilled in elephant war-fare were the Kalingas, Magadhas and Pragjyotishas, all from the eastern regions. Kingdoms from the Himalayan regions possessed elephants of a defferen kind - that having four tusks, whitish, whooly and huge in size. Rakshasa Ghatotkacha possessed such elephants. (6,64))

Filled with grief this was what Duryodhana had to say to grandsire Bhishma: “O grandsire, Drona and you, and Shalya, and Kripa, and Drona's son Ashwathama, and Kritavarma the son of Hridyika, and Sudakshina the ruler of the Kambojas, and Bhurisravas, and Vikarna, and Bhagadatta of exceeding prowess, all these are regarded as mighty car-warriors (Maharathas). All of these, again, are high-born, and prepared to throw away their lives in battle. It is my opinion that these are a match for even the three worlds (united together). Even all the warriors of the Pandava army (united together) cannot bear your prowess. A doubt has arisen in my mind. Explain it to me who enquires of you. Who it is, relying on whom the Pandavas are vanquishing us repeatedly" (6.65.31-33).


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