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Genealogy of Early Guptas

Ghatotkacha (280-319AD) (घटोत्कच) was the son of Srigupta who first person who started the Gupta Empire. The origins of the Guptas are shrouded in obscurity. KP Jayaswal and Bhim Singh Dahiya have proved that the Guptas were Jats. [1] Nothing certain is known about the rise of this dynasty. Only this much is known that a person named Srigupta took advantage of the confusion that prevailed in the country after the fall of Kushan Empire and declared himself the ruler of Magadha. Historians write that probably he belonged to a low caste but gradually rose to the position of an independent ruler. He was followed by his son Ghatotkacha. The most likely date for the reign of Srigupta is c. 240-280 CE His successor Ghatotkacha ruled probably from c. 280-319 CE In contrast to his successor, he is also referred to in inscriptions as 'Maharaja' .

Basarh Clay Seal of Ghatotkachagupta

Ref - Archaeological Survey of Western India 1903-4,p. 107

Tumain Fragmentary Inscription of the time of Kumaragupta I and Ghatotkachagupta Gupta Year (=A.D. 435)

दिलीपसिंह अहलावत लिखते हैं -

श्रीगुप्त का पुत्र घटोत्कच अपने पिता का उत्तराधिकारी हुआ। उसके विषय में भी उस काल के स्रोतों से विशेष जानकारी प्राप्त नहीं होती। उसने सन् 280 ई० से 319 ई० तक राज्य किया। वह भी अपने आपको ‘महाराज’ कहता था। ऐलन तथा अन्य विद्वानों का कहना है कि वह पाटलिपुत्र तथा उसके आस-पास के प्रदेशों पर राज्य करता था। इस घटोत्कच गुप्त ने अपने पिता के नाम को राज्य संस्थापक के नाते वंश नाम के रूप में प्रचलित किया।[2]

Ghatotkacha of Mahabharata

Ghatotkacha was also the name of the son of Bhimsen who was killed by Karna on the 15th day of Kurukshetra war.


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