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Labanah (लबानाह) Labana (लबाना) [1][2] is a Jat clan in Jind, Haryana, who worship the Khera as their jathera. [3] It is a small tribes of Rehmanis (Muslim Labana) in Punjab (Pakistan).[4]



The Labanah affect the Jathera Khera alone. [5]

The Maharaja Ranjit Singh himself was born at Gujranwala, and the town continued to be his capital up to his occupation of Lahore. The mausoleum of his father is still to be seen there, and a lofty cupola close by covers a portion of the ashes of Ranjit Singh himself. The Sikh rule, which brought prosperity elsewhere, also appears to have been an unmitigated benefit to Gujranwala. Ranjit Singh settled large colonies in the various villages, and was very successful in encouraging cultivation throughout the depopulated plain of the Bar. In the Degh valley, especially, he planted a body of hard-working Hindus, the Labanas, to whom he granted the land at a nominal rent.

Distribution In Haryana

Distribution In Rajasthan

Distribution In Punjab

Villages in Patiala district

Labana Karmoo, Labana Teku are villages in Nabha tahsil in Patiala district in Punjab, India.

Villages in Gurdaspur district

Jhanda Labana village is in Gurdaspur tahsil and district in the Punjab, India

Villages in Jalandhar district

Bhatnura Labana village is in Jalandhar - II tahsil in Jalandhar district in Punjab, India.

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