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Lasbela district map

Lasbela (Balochi: لسبیلہ) is a coastal district of Balochistan province of Pakistan.

Origin of name

The name is derived from the words 'Las' which in Sanskrit signifies a settlement or lived in or lively and 'Bela' which means "A Sea's Shore" in Sanskrit.


The district of Lasbela is administratively subdivided into four tehsils, these are:[2]


Alexander the Great passed through Lasbela on his way back to Babylon after conquering Northwestern India.

In 711 CE, the Arab general, Muhammad bin Qasim passed through Lasbela on his way to Sindh.

The area now covered by the district was formerly the Las Bela state of the British Indian Empire, with internal autonomy from British India.

From August 1947 to March 1948 it was fully independent under Ghulam Qadir Khan, then after he acceded to Pakistan it was one of the princely states of Pakistan.

From 3 October 1952 to 14 October 1955, it state was a member of the Baluchistan States Union but retaining internal autonomy. That came to an end in 1955, when Las Bela was incorporated into the new West Pakistan province.

The Rivers

The Rivers: The main river is the Porali with its tributaries, Winder and Wirhab rivers. Other rivers are the Phor and Hingol which rise in Awaran District before flowing through Lasbela on their way to the Arabian Sea.

In Jat History

The Jats of the lower Indus comprise both Jats and Rajputs, and the same rule applies to Las-Bela where descendants of former ruling races like the Sumra and the Samma of Sind and the Langah of Multan are found. At the time of the first appearance of the Arabs they found the whole of Makran in possession of Zutts.[1] On phronetic grounds, this maybe Jats.[2]

Jat Monuments

Hinglaj Mata temple is worth seeing.

Notable persons

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