Risaldar Major Gangadat

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Lt.Gangadat Bahadur (Suhag) had a professional army qualification in musketry. He was born in 1867 at Matanhail (मातनहेल) village in Jhajjar district of Haryana.

He joined the army (2nd Lancer)in 28 Oct.1885. He was specially selected to attend King George V's coronation durbar in Delhi in 1911 and decorated with Delhi durbar medal. The 2nd Lancer received order to mobilize on Oct,24.It arrived in Marseilles France and was quickly moved to front line in the trenches. He constantly engaged in action against German during the battle of Combria in Nov 1917 for which the regiment received the battle honor.

Risalder Major Gangadat was admitted to the OBI (Order of British India) effect from 19 April 1917.It was exceptionally awarded during the war time for outstanding service in the field. He was appointed honorary lieutenant on 1st july 1920.


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