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Mainarya (मैनार्य)[1][2] Mahanarya (महनार्या)[3][4] Manyarya (मन्यार्य) is a gotra of Jats found in Uttar Pradesh.


They are said to be originated from place called Mahinargarh (महिनारगढ़) in Bahawalpur state. They were called Mahanarya (महनार्य) or Mainarya (मैनार्य). Perhaps, they are a branch of Mahils.[5]


Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Moradabad district

  • Kori Rawana – There is one village having the Mainarya population of about 100 people. It is located in the Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh, and is named as Kuri Ravana (also known as Kori Rawana). The history of this village is around 300–400 years old, and the Mainarya people founded this village.


There are about 1000 Mainarya gotra people in the Moradabad district.

Notable persons

  • Surjeet kumar- BSF.
  • Praneet kumar-Govt. National Bidder in Industries.
  • Amit Kumar-Govt. contractor and chairmen chaudhary Tiles moradabad.
  • Yogesh Kumar Commandant in BSF.
  • Late Raghunath Singh remained Director in Sugar cane society continuously for 15years and command known as Netaji.
  • Satyaveer Singh - Indian Air Force Retiree, Chairman of Rajendra's Academy, Bhikanpur, Moradabad (affiliated to CBSE) and also Distributor of TATA BP SOLAR-Pioneered the power of solar energy in western UP as well as Dealer of Toshiba electronics. Owner of Kaumo Solar Pvt Ltd
  • Late Rajendra Singh - Popularly known as Master Sahab, Retired Govt School Principal
  • Mohit Singh - Officer in Indian Army, Rank - Major
  • Rajveer Singh Inspector UP Police
  • Satyaveer Singh Civil Engineer
  • Dharamveer Singh BO UP HOME GUARD
  • Naveen Singh Chief Accounts Manager
  • Ankur Singh BO UP Home Guard

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