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Manniwali (मन्नीवाली) is a village of Sadulshahar tahsil in District Ganganagar in the Indian state of Rajasthan.



The Founders

This village was named after Maniram Tarar ... because initial settlements were made by Bhomiya ji dev Maniram Tarar.

Jat Gotras

Most common jat gotras are Tarar, Bhadu, Bhambhu Dudy Sinwar Saharan GODARA etc.


Other name of the same village is 36 PTP , ptp stands for Pratappura minor that is the name of canal from which this village receives water.

This village is mentioned as cancer village in newspapers and internet because this village is having highest number of cancer cases in Rajasthan. This is happening because of contamination of industrial waste in water supply coming from Punjab. That's why Rajasthan's largest water purification system is established by the government in this village.

Economic profile of the villages of this region is comparatively better. In Manniwali they are having two canals on either sides of the village. So they are capable to harvest minimum two crops in a year, out of that one is cash Crop like Cotton.

Education in this Village four Higher Secondary school , 3 private and 1 government. Many Temples in this Village has been established by the people in past. Hanuman temple is very old. Shri Govind Goushala established in village. Sports Ground is also available here for all game types.


Demographic information- Above 10000 population, Out of that 30% jats, rest are yadavs, kumhars, bavriyas Majhabi s and brahmins.

Notable Persons

Fataram Tarar ex Vice Chairman of Hanumangarh krishi Upaj Mandi Sàmiti. AtmaRam Tarar District chair person of BJP from 2019 ànd ex up prdhan of tahsil Sadulshahar lalchand Yadav Masterji Bhàmashah mostly youths in this Village is In Govt Job like Rajasthan police, Teacher ,LDC , lecturer, Army , BSF, CISF.


Ramesh Godara s/o Bhagirath Godara Rajasthan Police 8824388895

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