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Location of Mundwara near Nagwa in Sikar district

Moondwara (मूंडवाड़ा) Mundwara (मूंडवाड़ा) Mundwada (मूंडवाड़ा) is a large village in tehsil Dhod of Sikar district in Rajasthan, India.

Before creation of Dhod tahsil, this village used to fall within Sikar tahsil.


It is situated at a distance of 18 km from Sikar near Nagwa in the west-south direction on Sikar-Nagaur-Jodhpur road.


The Founders

It was founded by Moond Jats.


Long ago back Moond Jats came and first settled here. Hence it was called Moondwara. Then others also came to settle here and the village begin to be dominated by Jats and Shekhawat Rajputs.

Post Indian Independence there was attempt to rename it as Ram Nagar but still the name is Moondawra . Farmers of this village have their farms. The villagers are very progressive and they have instituted various revolutionary social reforms to keep up with times. In particular, they have

(1) Stopped post death ritual expenditure (kharach). Although, there is no basis for post death feast in any Hindu holy book; this superstitious tradition had become prevalent in some parts of India. Under this ceremony the family of the deceased would organize a feast on a certain day after the death to facilitate deceased entry into heaven. However, Brahmins swear for absolute need for the ceremony.

Not surprisingly, the greatest beneficiaries were Brahmins who would corner the major portion of the offerings. Villagers have instituted a ban on this today. Instead, those who wish to spend money in remembrance of their family members are encouraged to donate money for common purpose.

(2) Dowry is generally discouraged. Although the practice has not stopped altogether, the villagers are in agreement to stop this tradition.

(3) No liquor shop in the village. This step was taken because a few villagers would spend all their money on liquor, while their families would go hungry. Initially any villager found drunk was fined, however this was not found to be very successful as these type of cases led to mutual bickering and fights.

Jat Gotras

Other castes in the village are Rajputs, Jangids, Gurjars, Harijans. There is a single family of Chotiya Gotra Brahmins also. In addition to Hindus, some Muslims also reside in the village.


As per Census-2011 statistics, Mundwara village has the total population of 4712 (of which 2403 are males while 2309 are females).[1]


This is an old historical village founded 600 years back. This is a well-connected village. There are 500 families residing in the village. It is a well designed village. There is one road-crossed the village. There is one bazar in center of village. PIN - 332023 Coordinates: 27°28'37"N 75°5'1"E. As of 2001 census Mundwara has a population of 4985 out of them 1030 are SC and 62 are ST. [2]

Topography and environment

Eastern part of Moondwara is an less fertile area covered by sand dunes. South and west part of the village are comparatively fertile. Agriculture is dependent on monsoon and electricity. Presently, a lot of farms use boring wells for irrigation. The inhabitation's village covers an area of 500 acres.

Village government

Moondwara has a village Panchayat which is currently led by sarpanch, Kamla Devi. The panchayat has 12 ward members chosen by the people through secret ballet.

Village economy

70 percent (1000) of the village population is engaged in farming. There are 30 male government teachers, 5 female government teachers,2 lecturer in Govt college, 2 physical education (PTI) teachers, 2 nurses, 15 in armed forces, 3 in RAC, 7 in state police, 4 in electricity department, 3 are retired (Subedar Major),5 are retired Havildars, 30 are working in Arabian countries, and 1 person works as a postman. In other words, only 70 villagers are gainfully employed in occupation other than agriculture.


Camel carts, bullock carts were chief means of transportation a few years back. Presently they are being replaced by cycles, motor cycles, tractors, cars and other automobiles as chief means of transport. Quite a few villagers walk to Sikar and other surrounding places. In rainy season, one can see womenfolk bringing grass on their heads for cows and buffaloes.

There is damar road between Moondwara and Pura Chhoti and Mukunpura. It is connected by asphalt road to surrounding dhanis.


The villagers claim to be fully literate. It is true that all the children go to school. However, many women are illiterate to this day. Many students aspire to get into engineering and medical schools besides other professions such as teaching, nursing, and defense forces. Ladu Ram Joshi was the pioneer of education in the village. He is the first post graduate in Hindi from village.

Society and culture

Society is solely governed by Hindu rituals. Young generation seems to be effected by western culture. Parda pratha (practice of using veils to cover face and other body parts) is discouraged.

Music and Entertainment

Folk songs are sung by women during marriages and other social occasions. Menfolk sing dhamaal ( traditional Holi songs). Many villagers own TVs and Radios. One can hear sounds of popular Hindi music emanating from stereos and other devices during evenings and afternoons from different houses.

Games and sports

Most of the children play cricket. Some villagers also play volleyball and football. Villagers can be seen playing cards in chaupal (village common area).


Villagers celebrate all major Hindu festivals. Some of the major festivals are Holi, Deepawali, Makar Shakranti, Raksha Bandhan, Sawan, Teez, Gauga Peer, Gangaur etc.

Important places in Village

As you would enter village by a road coming from Sikar, you will find a shop selling essentials called Jain Kirana Store. As you would travel along the road, you will see the village well supplying water to the village leading by an abandoned well. To the left side of the road is a building of gram panchayat. You will encounter a lot more houses and a few shops if you take right on the same road. To reach the village school though, you need to take a right turn from bus stand. This road to Sikar leads to the Government Secondary School.

Notable Persons

  • Amra Ram Paraswal - MLA and a farmer leader from Moondwara village in tehsil Dhod of Sikar district in Rajasthan.
  • Ladu Ram Joshi – Freedom fighter
  • Paras Jain – Rajasthan Administrative Service officer
  • Bhuda Ram Bhukar - Major Indian Army
  • Ramavtar Sharma - Head O&M Ericssion(Airtel) Jaipur
  • Ram Prasad Jangir - Manager Ambuja cement, Ajmer
  • Ram Narayan Pareek - ASI in Rajasthan Police
  • Girdhari Muwal - Assistant Engineer Water Works, Sikar
  • Amit Jain – B.Tech. IIT Khargapur, Presently working as Team leader in Mentor Graphics, Noida
  • Mahesh Jangir - B.E. CTAE Udaipur, Presently working as Member technical staff in Oracle India, Bangalore
  • Mr. Muwal is lecturer of S.K. Govt. Sen. Sec. School at Sikar.
  • Girdhari Lal Muwal - A. En. & Ta-II Phed , Date of Birth :1971, VPO.- Moondwara, Via.- Khoor, distt.- Sikar, Present Address : Ward-17, Subhash Colony, Jaipur Road, Devipura, Sikar, Phone Number : 01572-262046, Mob: 9460151711
  • Ganpat Lal Jat (Goliya) - Advocate, Village- Moondwara, Mob-9413406647

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