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Odasi (ओडसी) (Odsi) is gotra of Jats. [1][2]


They are considered descendants of Nagavanshi. [3]


This is one of the Jat clans as described by Megasthenes as under:

14. Then - The Odomoboerae (Odasi); the Salabastrae (Salaru); the Horatae (Haratwal) - The Horatae, who have a fine city, defended by marshes which serve as a ditch, wherein crocodiles are kept, which, having a great avidity for human flesh, prevent all access to the city except by a bridge. And another city of theirs is much admired--Automela, which, being seated on the coast at the confluence of five rivers, is a noble emporium of trade. The king is master of 1, 600 elephants, 150,000 foot, and 5,000 cavalry. The poorer king of the Charmae (Chahar) has but sixty elephants, and his force otherwise is insignificant

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