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Pediwal (पेड़ीवाल) Periwal (पेड़ीवाल) is Jat Gotra found in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.



Distribution in Rajasthan

Mostly Pediwal are living in Bhawal Charna village of Degana tehsil of Nagaur dist. In Bhawal Charna village mostly population of Jat are Pediwal. Their main occupation is agriculture. in recent time some people are working in abroad like- Dubai,Oman etc. Some have their personal business in near town Harsore. Few of them have marble business in Raipur (Chhattisgarh). Now they have also care about education of their children. Their are some private Schools in nearby towns like Harsore, Jaola, Raliyawta, Rajlota.

Villages in Nagaur District

Bhawal Charna, Harsor,

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Harda District

Paidiwal are found in Harda district villages: Alanpur, Kheda Harda,

Notable persons

  • Jalaram Ji Pediwal - A inspirational personality in this area. He has a large joint family of 35-40 members is a great example of affection and unity in whole district.
  • Ramniwas Pediwal (रामनिवास पेड़ीवाल) (Ex-Sarpanch) - Famous person from this village. He is a strong supporter of poor and needful peoples. He has also direct contact with top level leader and persons.
  • Jaipal Pediwal (जयपाल पेड़ीवाल) :A meritorious student from Bhawal Charna village. He secured merit in each board 8th dist. board 91.17%, in 10th state board 90.17% (1st rank in Degana) and in 12th science 92.44% (PCM) with 2nd rank in Nagaur dist. At present selected for VIT University Vellore (Chennai) for B.Tech engineering.

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