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Anangapala (अनंगपाल) was son of Anandapala and elder brother of Nainapala, the ruler of Delhi.

Jat Gotras


Ram Sarup Joon[1] writes that...The Tanwars call themselves descendants of Pandavas. Actually Raja Anangpal's ancestors had migrated from Punjab to Delhi and were known as Tushars. The territory between Satluj and Chenab was called Tusharstan. The Tushars were closely related to Rasks both of who were Jat gotras.

Rajatarangini[2] tells that Rudrapala, and other sons, of Shahi became his favorites, and obtained large salaries from the revenue of the kingdom. Still Rudrapala remained a, beggar as he was, though paid one and half lacs daily while Diddapala was happy with eighty thousand a day. Ananggapala the Vetala was also fed by the king ; he thought of uprooting the statue of Sarasvati. Rudrapala was the protector of the thieves and Chandalas who plundered and killed men. The Kayasthas, under the protection of Rudrapala, began to oppress the subjects. Utpala and others built a house for the blind. Rudrapala married A'samati the beautiful and oldest daughter of Induchandra king of Jalandhara (Jallender). She built a temple at Tripureshvara. Her younger sister Suryyamati somewhat less beautiful than she, was married by Rudrapala to the king.

नैन गोत्र की वंशावली

राजा आनंदपाल के दो लड़के थे. बड़े का नाम अनंगपाल तथा छोटे का नाम नैनपाल था. बड़ा बेटा होने के कारण अनंगपाल को दिल्ली की गद्दी मिली थी. छोटा बेटा नैनपाल राजकाज के अन्य काम देखता था. वह बड़ा सीधासादा तथा शील स्वभाव का था. कुछ लोगों का मानना है कि नैनपाल से नैन गोत्र शुरू हुआ. [3]

शमशेर सिंह गाँव धमतान साहिब, जिला जींद की वंशावली इस प्रकार है: 1. आनंदपाल → 2. नैनपाल (अनंगपाल का छोटा भाई)→ 3. थरेय → 4. थरेया → 5. थेथपाल → 6. जोजपाल → 7. चीडिया → 8. बाछल → 9. बीरम → 10. बीना → 11. रतुराम → 12. मोखाराम → 13. सोखाराम → 14. भाना राम → 15. उदय सिंह → 16. पहराज → 17. सिन्हमल → 18. खांडेराव → 19. जैलोसिंह → 20. बालक दास → 21. रामचंद्र → 22. आंकल → 23. राजेराम → 24. लालदास → 25. मान सिंह → 26. केसरिया → 27. बख्तावर → 28. बाजा → 29. फतन → 30. कलिया राम → 31. बल देव सिंह → 32. शमशेर सिंह → 33. सुमेर सिंह

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