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Ramawas Khurd (रामावस खुर्द) is a village in Jaitaran tehsil in Pali district of Rajasthan.


Ramawas Khurd is located at a distance of eight kilometres from Jaitaran, tehsil headquarters, to the road connecting Jaitaran and Merta. The noticable villages around are Lototi, Nimbol and Digrana.


The village was inhabitated by the mostly the displaced jat rulers during Mughal times from various areas of Saraswati river doab. The Luni river was the lifeline for these agrarian groups to settle and most of the early people had fair amount of land holdings till Britishers era. Most of the villages are clustered around the Luni river, which now is no more of a perennial river. The farming community this mostly depends upon the monsoons and practice semi arid agriculture, with groundwater extraction.

The earliest settled jat communities were of Jakhar, Chotiya, Bhidada, Khoja, Poonia, Dhadiya and Togas clans. These clans are well distributed in this region with specific clan overpopulating the other at village level.

Ramawas Khurd is dominated by Jat community of Jakhar clan.

The Founders


Year of establishment of the village Ramawas Khurd is not clear, however, as per baiye-khatas maintained by Bhats it is assumed to be around 1500 A.D. The conglomeration as village might have taken at a later period as population grew and people from different caste systems weaved a structure for self sustenance through other business and barter system.

In earlier days, the commodity trading was typically through barter only and coins or currency was hardly used for service exchanges.

Jat Gotras


Notable Persons

  • Gokul Ram Jakhar: One of the first resident from Ramawas Khurd to serve Indian Air Force in the capacity of warranted officer rank.
  • Mahendar Singh Jakhar: Only Bureaucrat from Ramawas Khurd working with Central Government Ministry at various capacities as Group A officer.

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