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Rohlan (रोहलान) or Rolan (रोलान) Gotra is found in Rajasthan and Punjab.


As per the information obtained from Jaga this gotra name has been modified a lot.

Rolanangila village

Distribution in Rajasthan

Locations in Jaipur district

Rolania/Rohlan gotra Jats live in following places in Jaipur district:

Hajyawala (Sanganer), Mangyawas (Sanganer), Murlipura Scheme, Purani Basti, Queens Road, Officers' Campus Extension, Nemi Nagar Extension, Sanganer, Madanpura,

Villages in Alwar district


Villages in Jhunjhunu district

Rohlan gotra Jats live in following places in Jhunjhunu district:

Gadla, Rohlanon Ka Bas (रोहलानों का बास) (previously known as Sanwali Dhani),

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Ludhiana district


Following are the variant names of the same gotra: Rolaniya/ Rulaniya/Ruhil/ Ruel/ Ruhela.

Notable persons

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