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Sarao (सराव)[1] Sarav/Saraw (सराव)[2] Sarava/Sarawa (सरावा)[3] is gotra of Jats in Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.



Tomb of the founder of the Kaleka Sarao Jat Clan

Tomb of the founder of the Kaleke Sarao Jat Clan & village, Chaudhary Kala Maluka, situated in the village Kaleke near Barnala, Punjab. (Approx early 1700's A.D.)

Credit:- The Kaleke Sirdars of Patiala State ( Page).

The family leader during the years 1720-1740 was Dewan S. Gurbakhsh Singh Kaleka i.e. belonging to village Kaleke. The village was founded by the Chaudhry in about 1640AD. Guru Hargobind Sahib patronised the Chaudhry.

Source - Jat Kshatriya Culture

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Barnala district

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

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Gesupur Shumali[4]

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