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Sarsod on Hisar district map

Sarsod (सरसौद, सरसौन्द) (Sarsud) village is located in Barwala tehsil of Hisar district in Haryana.


It is situated 21 km from Hisar city on National Highway 65 (India) which leads to Chandigarh. Sarsod is just 3 km away from Rajiv Gandhi Thermal Power Station. Barwala Tehsil is just 9 km away from Sarsod on National Highway 65 (India).


According to H.A. Rose[1] Certain villages in Hissar derive their names from a tradition that a giant was killed and each of his limbs gave a name to the place where it fell, e.g. : — Sarsud = where the giant's sar (head) fell.


Jat gotras


According to the 2011 census of India, Sarsod has a population of 4630 with 2460 males and 2160 females. Over 99% of the population belongs to Hinduism, bulk of remaining 1% belong to Islam. The important social groups in the district are Jats (60 %), Lohar, Bishnois, Brahmins, Sainis, Banias, Kumhar, Chamar and Balmiki.

Notable persons

  • Chairman Sahela Ram s/o Ch Dhan Singh Bhayan

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