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Lance Naik Raj Kumar Punia

Lance Naik Raj Kumar Punia is a martyr of Kargil War. He was from village Bhainsli in Churu district in Rajasthan. He became martyr on 24 May 1999 during War with Pakistan. He belonged to Unit-18 Grenadiers of Indian Army.


Lance Naik Raj Kumar Punia

Sena Medal (P)

Unit - 18 Grenadiers

0peration Vijay

Kargil War 1999

Village - Bhainsli, Churu Rajasthan

Lance Naik Rajkumar had joined Indian Army against his family's wishes. On this day in 1999, he (aged 23) took a bullet in his temple but saved the lives of his comrades on Point #4590 during Kargil War.

Part of a frontal assault wave against intruders entrenched in bunkers, Punia saw two of his buddies fall and the rest pinned down by a machine-gun nest. Inching his way along a rock face where a fall meant instant death, Punia was hit in the chest. Blood oozing out, he reached for a grenade and silenced the nest. The gun position came alive a few hours later, but it gave his unit time to escape. Today, point 4590 is back in Indian hands.

He was the first casualty of 18 Grenadiers and was among the 527 heroes who never returned from what was probably the harshest war India has fought.

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