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Shyampura ( श्यामपुरा) is a village in Amber tehsil of Jaipur district in Rajasthan.


Jat gotras


Notable person

  • J. P. Jat (Maan) - Dy. Dir. (Monitoring) Raj. Economic Services, Date of Birth :1966, Vill- Shyampura, Po - Rajpur Bas Tala, Via-Achrol ,Tehsil- Amber, Jaipur, Present Address : E-3, Gandhi Nagar, Jaipur, Phone Number : 0141-2702964, Mob: 9414463309, Email Address :
  • N. L. Jat (Maan) - CAO RVPNL, Date of Birth : 1-July-1966, Village - Shyampura,(Maan ki Dhani), Post.- Rajpur Bas Tala, Via - Achrol, Distt.-Jaipur-303002.

Present Address : R-2/4, Chambal Power House Colony, Hawa Sarak,Jaipur-302019, Phone Number : 0141-2296624, Mobile Number : 9414061322

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