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Srinjaya (सृञ्जय) is the name of many persons mentioned in the Hindu mythology. Some of them are:

  • Srinjaya is the fourth king of Vaisali, son of Dhumraswa, As mentioned in the Puranas.
  • Srinjaya is again the name of the son of Kalanara.

Jat Gotras from Srinjaya

Srinjaya in Mahabharata

Srinjaya is mentioned in Mahabharata in following Parvas:

  • Mahabharata (7.69.2939): SECTION LXXI Vyasa said, Hearing this sacred history of sixteen kings, capable of enhancing the period of life of the listener, king Srinjaya remained silent without saying anything.
  • Mahabharata (8.58.3328) At these words of Vibhatsu, Hari Krishna quickly proceeded on that car to that spot where king Yudhishthira, along with the mighty Srinjaya car-warriors of great strength, were fighting with the foe, making death their goal.
  • Mahabharata (8.75.4551) : The great Srinjaya car-warrior Uttamauja was engaged with Karna's son Sushena, while Sahadeva rushed against Shakuni, the king of the Gandharas, like a hungry lion against a mighty bull.
  • Mahabharata (9.20.1256): Hearing the shouts of the Kauravas uttered in joy and the blare of their conchs, the commander of the Pandava and the Srinjaya forces, the Pancala prince Dhrishtadyumna could not, from wrath, endure it.
  • Mahabharata (12.29.1367) : In this connection is cited the old discourse of Narada before Srinjaya when the latter was deeply afflicted with grief on account of the death of his son.
  • Mahabharata (12.30.1570) : Agreeing to that understanding, those two great Rishis, adored of all the worlds, repaired to king Srinjaya, the son of Sitya and said unto him, We two, for thy good, shall dwell with thee for a few days.
  • Mahabharata (12.31.1632) After this, Parvata having called king Srinjaya, that foremost of victorious persons, said unto him these words O bull of Kuru's race, We have been exceedingly gratified, O king, with thy hospitable attentions given to us with every sincerity.
  • Mahabharata (13.115.10352) These other kings also, viz, Syenachitra, O monarch, and Somaka and Vrika and Raivata and Rantideva and Vasu and Srinjaya, and Dushmanta and Karushma and Rama and Alarka and Nala, and Virupaswa and Nimi and Janaka of great intelligence, and Aila and Prithu and Virasena, and Ikshvaku, and Sambhu, and Sweta, and Sagara, and Aja and Dhundhu and Suvahu, and Haryaswa and Kshupa and Bharata, O monarch, did not eat flesh for the month of Karttika and as the consequence thereof attained to heaven, and endued with prosperity, blazed forth with effulgence in the region of Brahman, adored by Gandharvas and surrounded by thousand damsels of great beauty.


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