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Jat Places in Iran

Sus (Persian: سوس‎, Sūs) or Al-Sus is a village in Zeynabad Rural District, Shal District, Buin Zahra County, Qazvin Province, Iran.



If we believe Hukum Singh Panwar (Pauria) [1] this refers to the Ur dynasty, a section of the Kusas or Kusikas, who belonged and ruled over Ur, Nuppur and Sus in Mesopotamia.

Jat History

Kanungo says that Of the hundred sons of Kartavirya, the five principal were Sura, Surasena, Vrishana, Madhu and Jayadhwaja. From the last sprang up the five great divisions of the Haihaya tribe, the Talajanghas, Vitihotras, Avantyas, Tundikeras, and Jatas also called Sujatas from the prolific number (Wilson's Vishnu Puran pp. 417-418). Wilson seems to entertain a doubt whether the Haihayas are not the Huna and Saka tribes engrafted upon the great genealogical tree of the Aryans by the clever Puranic ethnologists. The Jats were known by the name of Sus, Abars, and many other names, as Beames says. [2]

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