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Takha (ताखा)[1] [2] Takkha (ताक्खा) Takhu (ताखू)[3] [4] is gotra of Jats found in Madhya Pradesh. It is variant of Taxaka (तक्षक).


They are said to be Nagavanshi descended from Taxaka (तक्षक). This gotra originated from people who went from place called Takha (ताखा). [5] Takha is the village of Takhars in Bharatpur district. [6]


Takhaji (ताखाजी) is a place of religious and historical importance with temple of Taxaka in Mandsaur district in Madhya Pradesh. There is a village named Takha in Shikohabad tahsil in Firozabad district in UP.

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Takha (ताखा) gotra Jats live in Mandsaur and Nimach districts in Madhya Pradesh.

Jat villages in Mandsaur district

Nataram (Sitamau)

Jat villages in Nimach district

Fatehnagar (9), Khadawda (1),

Takha, Afghanistan

Takha,a village in Afghanistan[7]

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