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Ula (ऊल) was a Rigvedic King and Ula (ऊला) is a Jat clan.

Ula King of Rigveda

Ula (ऊल) was a Rigvedic King.

Jat Gotras from Ula

Mention by Panini

Ula (उल) (Ula → Ulya) is name of a place mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi under Baladi (बलादि) ( group. [2]

Ulya in Turkey

List of place names in Turkey includes Ulya.


Some authors consider Olans to be descendants of warrior Olsingh of Solanki vansha. [3]

Bhim Singh Dahiya [4] has given details of Rigvedic tribe Aulan: (RV X/98/11). They are stated to be the descendants of King Ula (ऊल), and Santanu was name of the Aulan King. They are to be identified with the present Aulan clan of the Jats.

एतान्यग्ने नवतिं सहस्रा सं पर यछ वर्ष्ण इन्द्रायभागम |
विद्वान पथ रतुशो देवयानानप्यौलानं दिविदेवेषु धेहि || (RV X/98/11)
etānyaghne navatiṃ sahasrā saṃ pra yacha vṛṣṇa indrāyabhāgham |
vidvān patha ṛtuśo devayānānapyaulānaṃ divideveṣu dhehi ||

H. W. Bellew [5] writes that The Adam-khel is a large and important clan of the Afridi, and is reckoned at four thousand families ; and is largely engaged in the salt trade between the Kohat mines and the high-lands to the north and west beyond the British border. The Adam-khel occupy the Kohat and Charhat hills, and are quite distinct in location, habits, and interests from the other Afridi clans, and belong to neither the Samal nor Gar factions, but join either as found expedient at the moment. They are in three divisions, —

These all are collectively styled Katori ; so that the whole of the Adam-khel are Katori, which is the name of a celebrated Jata tribe.

The Jat clan Afridi are in five divisions : — 1. .Mita. 2.Adam. 3.Ula. 4.Aka. 5.Miri.[6]

Ula Jat Gotra

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Jaipur district

Ula Gotra Jat found in villages: Gainji, Gidani, Peegoon, Reta Dudu (1),

Villages in Alwar district


Villages in Tonk district

Mukundpura Dadawata,

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Patiala district


Notable persons

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