Yuddha Kanda

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Ramayana:6. Yuddha Kanda


The Yuddha Kanda or sixth section of Valmiki’s long poem, tells of the fateful meeting between Rama and his rival, Ravana, of their final fights of Sita’s release from captivity; and of the reunited couple‘s return to Ayodhya. Yuddha means "war" or "combat." So, this part of the epic describes not only the conflict between the exiled prince and the rakshasa-ruler but also the skirmishes and battles between their rank and file. Moreover, such unforgettable characters as Vibhishana, Kumbhakarna, and Indrajit figure prominently here. The clash of the troops, the daring feats of soldiers in single combat, the courage shown by all -- even in defeat -- stir excitement and admiration among those who hear the traditional tales of heroism. Small wonder, then, that the Yuddha-kanda, which is the longest section of the epic, is the most popular part of the Ramayana for the millions who know it.

Some selected chapters (sarga)

Some of the chapters from Yuddha Kanda containing geographical and historical information are given here for study and analysis


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