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Location of Abbottabad

Abbottabad, also spelled Abbotabad, is a City and district in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The city of Abbottabad being the principal town.


Neighbouring districts are Mansehra to the north, Muzaffarabad to the east, Haripur to the west, and Rawalpindi to the south.

The Abbottabad city is situated in the Orash Valley, 110 kilometres north of the capital Islamabad, 130 kilometres from Rawalpindi and 150 kilometres northeast of Peshawar at an altitude of 1,260 metres.

Origin of name

The district is named after Major James Abbott, the first deputy commissioner of Hazara (1849–1853).[1]


During British rule Abbottabad became the capital of Hazara division, which was named after and contained the Hazara valley, a small valley in the outermost Himalayas, between the Indus in the west and Kashmir in the east.[2]

Miranjani (3,313m) and Mukeshpuri are the highest peaks in this district.

Notable persons

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