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Abhoria (अभोरिया)[1] is gotra of Jats. [2]


Mention by Panini

Abaya (अबया), also Avayat Tirthe (अवयात् तीर्थे), Avayat Tirthe (आवयात तीर्थे), Avaya (अवया), Abhaya (अभया), Avayata Tirtha (अवयात् तीर्थे) } is name of a Country mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi under Dhumadi (धूमादि) (4.2.127) group.[7]


James Tod writes that When the sons of Bhatti Rao Raningdeo became converts to Islam, in order to avenge their father's feud with the Rathore prince of Nagore, they forfeited their inheritance of Poogul and Marot, and thenceforward mixed with the Abhoria Bhattis, and their descendants are termed Momun Musalman Bhutti. [8]

On this event, Kailan, the third son of the Rawal Kehar II, took possession of the forfeited lands, and besides Beekampur, regained Deorawul, which had been conquered by their ancient foes, the Dahya Rajputs.[9]

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