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Author: Laxman Burdak IFS (R)

Location of Pugal in Bikaner District

Poogal (पूगल) is a town and tehsil of Bikaner district in Rajasthan. Its ancient name was Pangala (पंगल), a Jat clan.

Town is famous for the folk love story of Dhola-Maru in which the heroin is Marwan, the princess of this place.[1]


Jat clan


Poogal is 74.89 km far from Bikaner . Nearby Villages are Adoori ( 11 km ) , Tharusar ( 16 km ) , Gangajali ( 20 km ) , Beriyawali ( 26 km ) , Amarpura ( 28 km ) , Jodhasar ( 29 km ) , Motigarh ( 30 km ). Pin Code- 334023 and Post office name is . Other villages in Post Office (334023,) are Loonkaransar , etc.

Villages in Poogal tahsil

1 Bm-3Bd (Shiv Nagar), 2 Dkd, 2 Pb, 3 Bld(A), 3 Km (Sukhdeopura), 4 Dkd, 4 Rm(Rawat Abadi), 5 Pb(A), 6 Sjm(A), 8 Dkd, 10 Dkd(A), 16 Lkd, Adoori, Amarpura, Amrewala, Badrasar, Bandarewala, Barala, Barjoo, Bhanawatawala, Bhanipura, Chakosa, Chhagoliya, Derjogran, Dhodha, Dholera No.1, Dholera No.2, Dholeramagji Hissa, Ganeshwali, Gangajali, Gogliwala, Jaimalsar, Jalwali, Jhoorkiya, Jodhasar, Kalasar, Karanpura, Karnisar Bhatiyan, Kawni, Kheersar, Lakhoosar, Makeri, Mehrasar, Noor Mohammad Ki Dhani, Noorsar, Pahalwan Ka Bera, Phalawali, Poogal, Ramai, Ramra, Ramsar Patta Poogal, Ranewala, Ranisar, Rasoolsar Daber, Roopnagar, Sammewala, Sawaisar, Sharah Borla, Sharah Harkhasar Bagoran, Sharah Roopayat, Siyasar Panchkosa, Soorasar, Tharoosar,


James Tod writes that Bhatti Chief Mangal Rao, who found shelter in the wilds of the Garah, crossed that stream and subjugated a new territory. At this period, the tribe of Baraha inhabited the banks of the river; beyond them were the Boota Rajpoots of Bootaban. In Poogul dwelt the Pramara. Poogul from the most remote times has been inhabited by the Pramar race. It is one of the No-Koti Maroo-ca, the nine castles of the desert. In Dhat in habit the Soda race. The Sodas of Amarkot have inhabited the desert from time immemorial, and are in all probability the Sogdi of Alexander. See Vol. I, p. 85. [2]

James Tod writes that Bhatti Chief Rao Lakhar was the contemporary of Kanardeo Sonigara, whose life was saved by his (Lakhar's) wife's knowledge of omens. Lakhur was ruled by this Rani, who was of the Soda tribe. She invited her brethren from Amarkot ; but the madman, her husband, put them to death, and threw their bodies over the walls. He was allowed to rule four years, and was then replaced by his son, Punpal. This prince was of a temper so violent that the nobles dethroned him, and recalled the exiled Jaitsi from Gujarat. Punpal had a residence assigned him in a remote quarter of the state. He had a son, Lakamsi, who had a son called Rao Raningdeo, who by a stratagem pointed out by a Khurl Rajpoot, took Maroth from the Johyas, and Poogal from the Thories, whose chief, styled Rao, he made captive ; and in Poogal he settled his family. [3]

James Tod writes that When the sons of Bhatti Rao Raningdeo became converts to Islam, in order to avenge their father's feud with the Rathore prince of Nagore, they forfeited their inheritance of Poogul and Marot, and thenceforward mixed with the Abhoria Bhattis, and their descendants are termed Momun Musalman Bhutti. [4]

On this event, Kailan, the third son of the Rawal Kehar II, took possession of the forfeited lands, and besides Beekampur, regained Deorawul, which had been conquered by their ancient foes, the Dahya Rajputs.[5]

Rao Kailan had established his authority over nine castles, heads of districts, viz., Asini Kot or Aswini-kote, Beekumpoor, Marote, Poogul, Deorawul, Kerore (twenty-two coss, or about forty miles, from Bahawulpore), Guman, Bahun, Nadno, and Matailoh, on the Indus. [6]

पंगल = पूंगलगढ़

विजयेन्द्र कुमार माथुर[7] ने लेख किया है ...पूंगलगढ़ अथवा 'पंगल' (AS, p.511) राजस्थान का ऐतिहासिक नगर है। ढोलामारू लोक कथा की नायिका मरवण पूंगलगढ़ की राजकुमारी थी। माना जाता है कि ढोलामारु की कथा में वर्णित पूंगलगढ़, पिंगला नदी का नटवर्ती प्रदेश था। इस नगर को एक प्राचीन राजस्थानी लोक गीत में 'पंगल' भी कहा गया है- 'पगिपगि पांगी पंथ सिर, ऊपरि अंबर छाँह, पावस प्रकटऊ पद्यिणि कह उत पंगल जांह'।


विजयेन्द्र कुमार माथुर[8] ने लेख किया है ...2. पिंगल (AS, p.556): राजस्थान में ढोला मारू की कथा में वर्णित पूगलगढ़ या पंगल जहां की राजकुमारी मरवण थी. (देखें पिंगला)

पिंगला नदी

विजयेन्द्र कुमार माथुर[9] ने लेख किया है ...पिंगला नदी (AS, p.556): मेवाड़ में बहने वाली नदी. पिंगला, चमलावती और रमलेनी नदियों के संगम पर प्राचीन तीर्थ पिंडकेश्वर बसा हुआ है जो चित्तौड़ से 96 मील दूर है. शायद ढोलामारू की कथा में वर्णित पूंगलगढ़ या पंगल (=पिंगल) इसी नदी का तटवर्ती प्रदेश था.

पद्यमनी पूंगलगढ की राजकुमारी

दामोदर लाल गर्ग के अनुसार पद्यमनी जैसलमेर के 1276 में निष्काशित राजा पुण्यपाल की पुत्री तथा पूंगलगढ की राजकुमारी थी पूंगलगढ चितौड़ से 184 किमी उत्तर पश्च्छिम में बीकानेर राज्य के अन्र्तगत चमलावती व रमनेली नदियों के संगम पर पिंडकेश्वर तीर्थ पर स्थित था यह बीकानेर से 50 किमी पच्छिम मे खाजूवाला रोड पर मे है। [10]

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