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Angai (आंगई), also called Anjai (आंजई), is a village in Mathura tahsil and district in Uttar Pradesh.

Jat Gotras

It is main village of Sikarwar[1] Jats.


Angai was the kingdom of Andhaka and the Antal gotra Jats.

Mathura was the capital of the closely linked clans of Vrishni, Andhaka, and Bhoja. They are generally known as Yadavas after their eponymous ancestor Yadu, and sometimes as Surasenas after another famed ancestor. The kingdom of Andhakas was at place called Ānjaī to the north of Mathura Janapada. [2]

जाट इतिहास

जिला मथुरा में रघुवंशी सीकरवार जाटों के 12 गांव हैं। इन गांवों में आंगाई गांव बड़ा प्रसिद्ध है। यहां के कुंवर हुकमसिंह जी, प्रधान सार्वदेशिक (सब देशों की) आर्य प्रतिनिधि सभा, बहुत यशस्वी पुरुष हुए। इनके पुत्र नगीना रियासत के अधिपति थे।[3]

Migration of Andhakas to Dwaraka

Jarasandha, father-in-law of Kans, invaded Mathura with a vast army; and though Krishna destroyed his army of demons, another asura, Kalayavan by name, surrounded Mathura with another army of thirty million monstrous fiends. Then Krishna thought it well to depart to Dwaraka along with his people Vrishnis, Bhojas and Andhakas. [4]

Formation of Jat Sangha

Krishna departed to Dwaraka along with Andhakas, Vrishnis, Bhojas etc clans. Mahabharata mentions in chapter 25, shloka 26 that Lord Krishna founded a federation ‘Gana-sangha’ of Andhak and Vrishni clans. This federation was known as ‘Gyati-sangh’. Each member of this ‘Gyati-sangh’ was known as ‘Gyat’. Krishna was chief of this sangha. The chief of Andhaka republic was Ugrasena. Over a period of time ‘Gyati’ became ‘Gyat’ and it changed to Jat. The use of sutra - Jat jhat sanghate in sanskrit by Panini's grammar seems to have started from here. Thus Krishna is the real ancestor and founder of Jats. [5] [6]

Notable persons

  • Kunwar Hukam Singh Sikarwar of this village had played important role in converting back Jats to Hindu who had become Muslims under the Aurangzeb’s rule by offering them hukkas.
  • Harsh Sikerwar - He belongs to the village Angai (Mathura) and is from the family of Kunwar Hukam Singh Sikarwar's brother Ramji Lal whose son was Shri Jaswant Singh and his son Digpal Singh, his grandson is Harsh Sikerwar.


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