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Arabi (अरबी)[1] Arbi (अरबी)/(अर्बी)[2] Jat gotra gets its name from people who came from Arab. In Russia they are known as Arwat.[3] Arabi clan is found in Afghanistan.[4]



H. W. Bellew writes that Arabi for the Indian tribe anciently seated on the Arabius river (modern Hab), on the Sind border adjoining Las province of Balochistan, the Arbies tribe of Strabo ; there are the ruins of an ancient town on the Kabul river near Peshawar, called Arabai (the Orobates of Arrian), as before related ; this may formerly have been a city of the Arabi, ancestors of those whose name we have here. [5]

H.A. Rose[6] tells us that Arbi (अरबी) a Muhammadan clan, said to be of Arabian origin, which was, in Mughal times, given several villages round Multan, but it has now to a large extent lost its hold of them. It is classed as Jat (agricultural) both in Multan and Montgomery and is also found in the Ahmadpur East tahsil of Bahawalpur.

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