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Asit (असित) or Asita (असित) Asitanaga/Asit Nag (असितनाग) was a Nagavanshi king.

Jat Gotras


In the family line of Kashyapa, along with him there are two more discoverers of Mantras, namely, his sons Avatsara and Asita.

In Mahabharata

Some historians consider them to be descendants of Asita Rishi of Mahabharata. Mahabharata Adiparva Ch.53 mentions names of Rishis who became the Ritwiks at the snake-sacrifice of the king Janamejaya of the Pandava line. Asita is one of them:

असितॊ देवलश चैव नारदः पर्वतस तथा
आत्रेयः कुण्ड जठरॊ दविजः कुटि घटस तथा Mahabharata(I.48.9), (I.53),


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