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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

Avashira (आवशीर) was a kingdom mentioned in Mahabharata which was subjugated by Karna


Avasira (अवसिर)


Sandhya Jain[1] mentions Tribes With unclear Position in Kurukshetra War which includes Avasira (अवसिर) - Could be Ayodhya region, defeated by Karna (III.241.44)

In Mahabharata

Karna's conquests: Vana Parva, Mahabharata/Book III Chapter 255 describes Karna's victory march and countries subjugated. ..... Then descending from the mountain and rushing to the east, he reduced the Angas (अङ्गा) (3-255-7b), and the Bangas (वङ्गा) (3-255-7b), and the Kalingas (कलिङ्गा) (3-255-7b), and the Mundikas (मुण्डिक) (Shundika) (शुण्डिक) (3-255-7b), and the Magadhas (मगध) (3-255-8a). the Karkakhandas (कर्कखण्ड) (3-255-8a); and also included with them the Avashiras (आवशीर) (3-255-8b), Yodhyas (योध्या) (3-255-8b), and the Ahikshatras (अहिक्षत्र) (3-255-8b).

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