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Badgaon Bandh (बडगाँव बाँध), is a village in Mavli tehsil of Udaipur district in Rajasthan.The village is generally known as JATO KI BADGAON. Because of a vast population of Jat people. Body . - sarpanch (Mrs. Bhavana Jat w/o Mr. Parasram Jat ( sapediya ) ) Pincode : 313205; STD Code : 02955 and Vehicle Registration Number : RJ-27


Main occupation of people is agriculture and government/private jobs. Some villagers are employed in government service in Indian Army, Rajasthan Police, BSF and Teaching. Many people are doing private jobs in other states and countries also.

Temples and Holy Places

Main Gate of Charbhuja Mandir

Main temple in the village is Charbhuja Ji Temple (Thakur Ji). This temple is biggest temple in other nearby villages. There are two small temple in the main tample , one is God Shiva and other is God Hanuman. There are two elephant statue created both site of main gate. The main gates are made of steel. Now this temple is famous for its glass creativity.

Other Temples

  • God Shiva's Temple (Back site of charbhuja Ji Temple)
  • Godddess Chamunda Mata Temple (Left Site of charbhuja Ji Temple)
  • Teja Ji Temple
  • Dharmraj Ji Temple (Front site of charbhuja Ji Temple)
  • Rebari Baoji Temple
  • Radaji Baoji
  • Bheruji Baoji
  • Pathan Baoji


Badgaon Bandh is located at 24° 40' 24.45" North Latitude & 74° 00' 07.84" East Longitude.[1] Badgaon is located at the bank of Berach (बेड़च) River. The village is located both side of the river.

Jat Gotras


As of 2001, India Census,[2] Badgaon had a population of 2453. Male population is 1264, while female population is 1189.

Notable Persons

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