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Bariyan (बारियान) Barian (बरियान) Baria (बरिया)[1]/(बारिया) Barya (बरया) Varya (वरया)[2] Varya (वर्या)[3] Bariyani (बरियानी)/Variyani (वरियानी) gotra Jats live in Punjab and Madhya Pradesh.


Mention by Panini

Varya (वर्या) is mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi. [4]


H.A. Rose[5] writes that Baria (बरिया) or Varya (वरया) tribe, said in Jalandhar to be Solar Race descended from Raja Karan of the Mahabharat. Their ancestor Mal (!) came from Jal Kahra in Patiala about 500 vears ago. Those of Sialkot, where they are found in small numbers and rank as Jats say they are of Lunar Race descent. The tribe is practically confined to Patiala and Nabha. Another form of the name appears to be 'Warah.' The Warah are descendants of Warah, whose grandson

[Page-66]: Rājā Banni Pāl, is said to have founded Bhatinda, after conquering Bhatner and marrying the daughter of its Rajā. Banni Pāl's son Udasi was defeated by a king of Delhi but received a jagir. His son Sundar had seven sons, of whom the eldest founded Badhar in Nabha. (Cf. Barian).

H.A. Rose[6] writes that Barian (बरियान), a tribe of Jats, claiming to be Lunar Race of the Jaler, Sahi and Lakhi famrailies through its eponym whose descendant Tok settled in Sialkot. (cf. Baria).

In Mahavansa

Damila, Bahiya, Bariya, Datika - Mahavansa/Chapter 33 tells....Of the seven Damilas one, fired with passion for the lovely Somadevi, made her his own and forthwith returned again to the further coast. Another took the almsbowl of the (Master) endowed with the ten miraculous powers, that was in Anuradhapura, and returned straightway, well contented, to the other coast.

Dathika - But the Damila Pulahattha reigned three years, making the Damila named Bahiya commander of his troops. Bariya slew Pulahattha and reigned two years; his commander-inchief was Panayamaraka. Panayamaraka slew Bariya and was king for seven years; his commander-in-chief was Pilayamaraka. Pilayamaraka slew Panayamaraka and was king for seven months; his commander-in-chief was Dathika. And the Damila Dathika slew Pilayamaraka and reigned two years in Anuradhapura. Thus the time of these five Damila-kings (103-88 BC) was fourteen years and seven months.

In Hathigumpha inscription

Besides Hathigumpha inscription of Kharavela there are some other minor Brahmi inscriptions in the twin hillocks of Udayagiri and Khandagiri, which were deciphered earlier by Prof R D Banergy during 1915-16 (Epigraphic Indica-XIII) and BM Baraua (Indian Historical Quarterly-XIV). Sadananda Agrawal has given further clarifications about them. These seem to be related with this Jat clan as under:

VIII-Jambesavara cave inscription: This inscription has been engraved over the entrances to the inner chamber of the cave.

महादस बरयाय नकियस लेनं
Translation :- The cave of Mahamāda Nākiya and Bāriyā.

This is one more evidence of Jat clans ruling at Kalinga in Orissa during Kharavelas rule and even prior during Ashokas rule.

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Hoshiarpur district

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Jat villages in Nimach district

Nimach, Harwar,

Notable persons

  • Major Vikas Varyani (विकास वरयानी), from Jaipur Rajasthan, martyred on 1.10.2014 in a helicopter crash in Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. He was born on 19.12.1984 in the family of father Ishwar Varyani and mother Darshana Chaudhary (Sangwan).

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