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Bhumma (भुम्मा) (or Bhoomma) is a village in Khatauli tahsil in Muzaffarnagar district in Uttar Pradesh.

Bhoomma (भूम्मा) is an old village nearby Miranpur Town, it is close (18 km) to the ancient town of Hastinapur which was mentioned in the holy book of Mahabharta . This village is very close to River Ganga and the foothills of Himalayas. Bhumma is near to Miranpur a rich town of India. Bhumma is well connected with the rest of the country through road and train. From New Delhi its distance is 120 km only. Bhumma is famous for it's hospitality, guest welcome. Their staple food of is delicious and rich of nutrition.[1]



This village is also known as Kasampur Bhumma.

There was a famous Social Person in past, Shree Mahashay Sunhera Singh was called "Mahashey Jee". His totally family is very educated in that village & maximum family members are in good Job/Service. Shree Mahashey Jee, was dead in 1984 year, after that his son Shree Ratan Lal Singh also a good educated social worker. He always ready to help for other peoples in his village . The inhabitants of Bhooma are known for living in religious harmony as people of faiths of Hinduism, Sikhism Islam enjoy equal and fair benefits in this humble village. Hence, the culture is a unique mixture of faiths. Villagers respect each religion in the form of Hindu, Muslim, & Sikh , since these three religion are in village Bhumma. There is a special festival known as BABHRA which is celebrated near the village Miranpur town. Maximum peoples like to "KANWAR" puja in the month of Falgun & Saawan Mahina.[2]


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Er. naipal singh, B.Sc., B.E., retired as executive engineer from irrigation department UP Having two sons, One in Canada as prominent IT engineer and another one in Saudi Arab as Prof. in dentistry in govt. university I am settled in Meerut , email

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