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Location of Birania in Sikar district

Birania or Biraniya or Biraniyan (बिरानियाँ) is a village in Fatehpur tehsil of Sikar district of Rajasthan


It is Located in west direction at a distance of 12 km from Fatehpur.National Highway-11 passes at the distance of about 12 KM from the village.Adjoining villages are Karanga Bara,Karanga Chhota,Sulkhania,Rosawa,Kishanpura and Thathawata Piran.

The village was founded by a lady named Biran and was called Birania after her name.

Jat gotras

There are about 500 families in the village. About 300 families are of Jat Gotras in which 200 families are of Karwasra gotra . Karwasra's in the village were migrated from Loha village of Churu district.

Other castes in the village

The other castes in village include Rathod Rajputs, Brahmans, Harijans, Nai, Khati, Dholi, Naik.All people belong to Hindu religion.

Religious shrines

There is one temple of Goddess Durga, Gogaji ,Thakurji, Ramdevji, Balaji each.


As per Census-2011 statistics, Biraniya village has the total population of 2934 (of which 1532 are males while 1402 are females).[1]


The natural climatic conditions in the village are very harsh. The temperature ranges from sub-zero in winters to more than 50°C in summers. The summers bring hot waves of air called "loo". The village lies in the Thar Desert region, and annual rainfall is very low, on the scale of 450 mm.The people in the region depend on rainwater for agriculture.There are as many as 10 tube-wells in the village. The ground water in the village is in good condition and is supplied in many nearby villages of Churu district.


The main occupation of the villagers is agriculture.Some persons have gone to Arab countries for earning.Birania is considered to be a progressive village of the region.The village has contributed significantly in education. As many as 5 well known education institutes in Sikar district are run by noble persons from the village.

Notable persons

  • Satya Pal Karwasra - Wiki Editor
  • Khum Singh Arya (Kadwasra) - खूम सिंह आर्य समाज सेवी हैं
  • Dr.Jagdish Prasad Karwasara - Lecturer College Education , Date of Birth : 10-July-1972, Phone Number : 01571-289351, Mob: 9414380442, Email:
  • J.S. Godara - D E BSNL, Date of Birth : 12-May-1962, VPo - Birania, Teh- Fatehpur, Sikar, Present Address : Hanumaan Nagar, Near Mody College, Laxmangarh, Sikar,Phone Number : 01573-222001, Mob: 9413395551, Email:
  • Harfool Singh Karwasra - RAS

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