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For village see - Chaura Kawardha

Chaura (चौरा) is a Jat gotra.



Ram Sarup Joon[1] writes that...about 70 Jat Gotras joined the Gujar force and started calling themselves Gujars. Chaura is one of them.

Alexander Cunningham[2] writes About a century after their expulsion from Balabhi the representative of the Balabhis, named Bappa or Vappaka, founded a new kingdom at Chitor, and his son Guhila, or Guhaditya, gave to his tribe the new

[p.319]: name of Guhilawat, or Gahilot, by which thcy are still known.

About the same time[3] a chief of the Chaura tribe, named Ban Raja, or the " Jangal Lord," founded a city on the bank of the Saraswati, about seventy miles to the south-west of Mount Abu, called Analwara Pattan, which soon became the most famous place in Western India. Somewhat earlier, or about A.D. 720, Krishna, the Pahlava prince of the peninsula, built the fort of Elapura, the beauty of which, according to the inscription, astonished the immortals. In it he established an image of Siva adorned with the crescent.


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