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Damkora (दमकोरा) is a medium-size village in Loharu tehsil of Bhiwani district in Haryana.


Pincode of the village is 127201. It is situated 18km away from Loharu and 58km away from Bhiwani. Damkora village has got its own gram panchayat. Basirwas, Jhumpa Kalan and Baralu are some of the nearby villages.


It was founded by the 17th generation of Sangwan's, 'Choudhary Ramdatt Sangwan' who had come from 'Badal' village in 'Dadri' tehsil of the same district. Today it has about 220 houses out of which 70% are of Sangwans.

लुहारु किसान आंदोलन के बाद आर्यसमाज का प्रचार

ठाकुर देशराज[1] ने लिखा है ....लुहारु किसान आंदोलन समाप्त हो गया उसके बाद स्वामी स्वतंत्रतानंद जी के कर्मठ शिष्य स्वामी कर्मानंद जी के नेतृत्व में यहां आर्य समाज का प्रचार हुआ। आरंभ में यहां जो आर्यसमाज स्थापित हुआ उसमें सिर्फ म. गंगानंदजी सत्यार्थी, ठाकुर भगवतसिंह जी, श्री किशोरी लाल जी, म. मनीराम जी, चौधरी गंगासहाय जी, चौधरी हुक्मीराम जी, चौधरी रणसिंह जी, ठाकुर रतन सिंह जी और म. नाथूराम जी थे। 29-30 मार्च सन 1941 को आर्य समाज का प्रथम उत्सव जिसमें नवाब के आदमियों ने जुलूस पर लाठियां बरसाई उसमें स्वामी स्वतंत्रतानंद जी भी जख्मी हुए थे।

स्वामी कर्मानंद जी ने कई पाठशालाये लुहरु राज्य में खोली उनमें हरियाबास, विलासबास, दमकोरा, सेहर, चहड़ खुर्द, गोकुलपुरा, बारबास की पाठशालाएं अपने-साथ त्याग और शौर्य का इतिहास रखती हैं।

Jat Gotras

Sangwan, Sheoran


(Data as per Census-2011 figures)

Total Population Male Population Female Population
1815 924 891

Notable Persons

  • चौधरी रतिराम जी - आपके पिता श्री श्यालूराम जी की नंबरदारी इसलिए तोड़ दी गई कि उन्होंने अपने गांव दमकोरा की पाठशाला को चलाने में सहयोग दिया। इसी गांव के चौधरी शेरसिंह जी, चौधरी तिरखाराम जी और चौधरी लेखराम जी के नाम भी उल्लेखनीय हैं। [2]
  • Mr. Pyare Lal Sangwan - Presently residing at Loharu (Tehsil Headquarters) of Bhiwani District. , Senior Educationist ,Headmaster by Profession. Noted Social Reformer,Member National Redcross. 71times Blood Donor. He has been recognised as a known writer for many courses books under Lakshmi Publications House Bhiwani ,Haryana .Has been awarded Governor's award and Chief Minister's award for outstanding social service and blood donation .
  • Dr. Ram Prakash Sangwan - Presently residing in Gurgaon. Doctorate in Naturopathy & Yogic Science. Holding the responsibility of General Secretary of the Residents Welfare Association of Sector-5, Gurgaon since 1999. Officer in Food Corporation of India.
  • Rajnesh Sangwan - Teacher in Govt School. Social worker.
  • Rajesh Sangwan - Physical teacher in Govt School.And also they are the acting owner of a private N.G.O. NAMED 'SANGWAN TRAVELS AGENCIES ' LOCATED AT PILANI,RAJASTHAN [INDIA]
  • Vivek Sangwan - A hotel Professional who started with Oberoi hotels followed by Starwood Worldwide and Hilton Hotels .Currently exploring the new hospitality opportunity in Singapore as Food and Beverage Manager with the leading indian restaurant group.

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