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Tetarwal ki Dhani

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Tetarwal ki Dhani or Dhani Tetarwal was name of Salasar Balaji, which is a place of religious importance in Churu district in Rajasthan. The statue of Salasar Balaji was discovered by one Jat of village Asota in Nagaur district while tilling his field.


About five centuries back the present Salasar area was inhabited by Gandas gotra Jats and known as 'Gandas ki Dhani'. At one time there became a severe scarcity of drinking water due to famines in the area. A saint came to the village at that time and on the request of villagers pointed out a spot to dig a well suitable for drinking water. At the same time he warned that the person who would dug the well would meet death. The villagers thought it better to leave the place and the Gandas people moved away. [1]

Later on the area was occupied by Tetarwal Gotra Jats and named the village Tetarwal ki Dhani. They dug a well which is still used as source of water and called 'ganwai-kuan'. About three centuries back Shekhawat thakurs came from village Rewasa and started living in village Purnpura which was earlier known as Gugrana. Gugrana thakur Banwaridas came to village Naurangsar in Churu district and started living there. His eldest son thakur Salam Singh occupied this area and changed the place name from Tetarwal ki Dhani to Salamsar which became Salasar over a period of time. [2]

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