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Hansawat (हंसावत)[1] is a Jat Gotra found in Rajasthan.


  • They were of cheerful nature (हंसमुख), hence called Hansawat (हंसावत).[2]


In Mahavansa

  • Hansawat- Mahavansa/Chapter 36 tells....After Abhaya Naga's death, Siri Naga II, the son of his brother Tissa, reigned two years in Lanka. When he had restored the wall round about the great Bodhi-tree, then did this king also build in the sand-court of the temple of the great Bodhitree, to the south of the Mucela-tree, the beautiful Hamsavatta and a great pavilion besides.

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Bharatpur district

Hansawat Jats live in villages: Birharu, Kalsada,

Villages in Dausa District

Hansawat Jats live in villages: Khanpur Dausa, Kondla, Reengas Pura,

Notable Persons

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