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Location of Places around Kapasan

Jashma (जाशमा) is a village in Kapasan tahsil in Chittorgarh district in Rajasthan.



James Tod[1] visited this place and gives us the information:

Jassmoh, 24th, October, 1820. ; distance fourteen miles, but not above twelve direct. — This in past times was a township of celebrity, and in the heart of the finest soil in India, with water at hand ; but it had not a single habitation when we entered the country ; now, it has eighty families. Our way for fourteen miles was through one wide waste of untrodden plain ; the Bunas continued our companion half way, when die departed for Guloond to our right. Saw many inscriptions, of which we shall give an account hereafter. Passed the copper-mines of Dureeba ; but they are filled with water, and the miners are all dead.

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