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Kajal (काजल)[1] /(कजल)[2] [3] Kanjalan (कांजलान)[4] gotra Jats are found in Haryana and Madhya Pradesh. These people are Nagavanshi.


Their ancestor was Nagavanshi named Karikrita (करिकृत) who gave name to this gotra. [5]

Distribution in Haryana

Kajal (काजल) gotra Jats live in Birchpur Village of Karnal district of Haryana. All JATs in Birchpur village belong to Kajal gotra. Birchpur village is situated on Karnal-Munak Road, 12 Kms. from Karnal. Birchpur a small but very good clean and peaceful village. All people are very joyfull and very co-operative to one another.

Villages in Karnal district

Birchpur, Raipur Jattan, Shekhpura Suhana,

Villages in Rohtak district


Villages in Hisar district

Kajal named Village is in Hansi tahsil, Hisar district in Haryana.

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Bhopal district


Notable persons from this gotra

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