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Location of Karavati in Gwalior District

Karavati () (Kariaoti) village is in Gwalior district in Madhya Pradesh. Kariyawati PIN: 475220


The small village named Karavati is situated on the Dabra (Distt-Gwalior) Shivpuri road.


At a distance of 10 K.M. to the west of this village at the junction of rivers Sindh and Parvati (Sindhu and Para) the ancient grand City of Padmavati [1] was situated. Now-a-days this place is known as Pavaya or Padam Pavāya.[2]

It is very interesting to note that during the rainy season, a very large number of coins belonging to the Naga rulers appear at the surface.[3] These coins have made the historians enable to identify this ancient Naga city. The first mention of this city as Padmavati, is made in the Vishnupurana [4], where it is stated that the Nava-Nagas made, Padmavati, Kantipuri and Mathura their capitals and ruled for seven generations. [5]

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