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Location of Bahawalnagar

Marot (Urdu: مروٹ‎) is a city in Bahawalnagar District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.


This city is situated at the border of India and Pakistan. This city is situated 50 km from Fortabbas, 160 km from Bahawalnagar and 100 km from Bahawalpur.


Marot Fort

It contains some notable forts such as Marot Fort, Jaamgarh, Mojgarh and Meergarh.

Kot-Marot is associated with the history of Kulhari clanofJats. According to Thakur Deshraj [1] Kulhari is a branch of Johiya Jats. Kulhari jats ruled in Marwar area in 11-12th century. Bahipal was their king and Kot-Marot was their capital. There was a fort also at Kot-Marot. Bahipal had a war with the subedar of Hisar in which he lost his kingdom.

Bahipal moved to Kathod (कठोद) and established a new kingdom there. Kathod is about 22 km from Ajmer. The descendants of Bahipal constructed a fort at Koliya. The Raja of Koyalapattan (now called Koliya) arrested the Kulahari Jats. Myth is that their Kuldevi Pada got them released. After that the Kulhari Jats made Didwana as their capital. They established at Didwana statues of Bahipal and the Kuldevi Pada. There is a poem[2] prevalent in the area in Rajasthani language as under:

सर में देवी सांचली प्रगट पाडल मांय ।
दुख काटै दर्द गमावै, करै सिकमियाँ सहाय ।।
सौ-सौ कोसां समर लै, शत्रु भगाये दूर ।
ऐसी पाडल माता कहा जे लाद कान्ह हुजूर ।
बहियाल जोहिया को संकट काट्यौ
दर्द गमायौ दूर-तू हाजरा हुजूर ।


Mostly people are farmers in the area and the major crops are wheat, cotton, mustard and sugar cane.


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