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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

Martikavataka (मार्तिकावतक) was the name of country whose king was Shalva who attacked Dwarka during Mahabharata period. Shalvapura was the name of present Alwar. Hence Martikavataka was probably located near Alwar in Rajasthan.[1]



In Mahabharata

Vana Parva, Mahabharata/Book III Chapter 116 mentions story of killing mother Renuka by Parasurama and fight with Kartaviryarjuna. Martikavataka (मार्तिकावतक) is mentioned in Mahabharata (III.116.6).[2]....Once upon a time, when her sons had gone out for the purpose of gathering fruits, Renuka who had a pure and austere life, went out to bathe. And, O king, while returning home, she happened to cast her glance towards the king of Martikavataka, known by the name of Chitraratha. The king was in the water with his wives, and wearing on his breast a lotus wreath, was engaged in sport. And beholding his magnificent form, Renuka was inspired with desire. And this unlawful desire she could not control, but became polluted within the water, and came back to the hermitage frightened at heart.


मार्तिकावतक (AS, p.737): द्वारका पर आक्रमण करने वाले राजा शाल्व के देश का नाम-- 'तमश्रौषमहं गत्वा यथा वृत्तः सुदुर्मतिः। मयि कौरव्य दुष्टात्मा मार्त्तिकावतको नृपः'[3] कहा जाता है कि शाल्वपुर वर्तमान अलवर है. इस प्रकार मार्तिकावतक की स्थिति अलवर के समीपवर्ती प्रदेश में मानी जा सकती है. श्री नं.ला. डे के अनुसार यह वर्तमान मेड़ता है. [4]

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