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Map of Sujangarh in Churu district

Rajiasar (राजियासर) or Rajiyasar (राजियासर) is a village in Sujangarh tahsil of Churu district of Rajasthan. The three villages which comprise it are:

  • Rajiasar Chack - Rajiasar Chack is mainly dominated by the Jats. Some Gotras of the jats which reside in this village are Bhakar (now Bhaskar), Dudi, Bijarania, Muhal, and Jakhar. Notable people in this village include Chaudary Rameshwar Lal Bhaskar, Moti Ram Jakhar, Ramlal Karwasra and Chandra Ram Bijarania.
  • Rajiyasar Khara - Rajiasar Khara is located about 1.5 km south of Rajiasar Meetha. It is also mainly dominated by rajputs. Some families of Scheduled castes also reside in this village. Notable people in this village Pratap Singh Rathore, Vijay Singh Rathore.
  • Rajiyasar Meetha - Rajiasar Chack is surrounded on two sides by Rajiasar Meetha, and two roads join the two villages. Rajiasar Meetha is mainly dominated by the Rajput (Rathore Clan). Also Jats, Scheduled Castes and some other castes reside in this part of the village. Notable people who live in Rajiasar Meetha include Panne Singh Rathore, Sukh Singh Rathore, Bajarang Singh Rathore (Bikaner), Devi Singh Rathore, Chaudhary Bhinva Ram Bhaskar, Swami Ramchandra.


The nearest railway station is Parihara (on Ratangarh Jn.-Degana Jn. route). Other villages surrounding this village are Toliasar, Kanwari, Mainasar, Parihara, Budhwali, Rukhasar , Rinva ki Dhani, Harasar (Bada Gaon), Khotari, and Ankholya.

Jat gotras


बडाबर तथा हरासर गाँवों में जागीरदारों द्वारा अपमान

प्रजा-परिषद् के सदस्यता अभियान के दौरान मेघसिंह आर्य को बडाबर गाँव के ठाकुर भैरूसिंह ने हरडू जाटों के घर पर खाट पर बैठे हुए को नीचे उतरने पर बाध्य किया तथा माँ बहन की गालियां निकाली। इसी प्रकार से ग्राम हरासर का जागीरदार ठाकुर जीवराज सिंह, जो बीकानेर राज्य का प्रधान-मंत्री था, को मेघ सिंह के गाँव में होने की जानकारी मिली तो पकड़कर लाने के लिए पुलिस भेजी। मेघ सिंह रातों रात भाग कर राजियासर अपने सम्बन्धियों के पास चले गए व छिपकर पिटाई से पिंड छुटाया। मेघ सिंह जब राजियासर से रतनगढ़ पैदल जा रहे थे तो ठाकुर रास्ते में फरसे लेकर मारने हेतु छिपकर बैठ गए। मेघ सिंह ने रास्ता बदल कर जान बचाई। [1]

Notable person


Village economy is agriculture based. Agriculture is rain fed only. No irrigation facility is available. Ground water is salty and cannot be used for irrigation purpose. Main agriculture products are Bajra, Guarseeds, Moong, Moth, Til etc.

Some of the persons are serving in armed forces like Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy. Some persons are employed in paramilitary forces like Border Security Force and Central Reserve Police Force and State Police and State Armed Police (Known as Rajasthan Armed Constabulary. Earlier Armed forces were the only attraction but now youngsters are trying for other avenues also. Some name of army men Subedar Magan Singh Rathore (Retd.), Naib Subedar Sultan Singh Rathore (Retd.) etc. Some Men in NAVY like Narendra Singh Rathore (Bablu) (Ex.), Mahipal Singh Rathore, Sultan Singh Rathore. Some Men in Air Force like Sakti Singh Rathore, Girvar Singh Rathore, Ranveer Singh Rathore, Balram Jakhar. Some people in RAC like Rameswarlal Bhaskar (Retd. RPS), Sarwan Singh Rathore.

The village has electricity, schools and the drinking water is provided by underground tanks (KUND) that each individual has for storing rain water. This village has one school of higher secondary level and two middle schools. 2-3 private schools are also run by local youths for primary school children. Though, village has an Ayurvedic Hospital but generally the post of Ayurvedic Doctor remains vacant and the hospital is of no use for the villages. Primay Health Centre under Rashtriya Gramin Swasthyay Mission is also in dismal position.

Notable persons

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