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Map of Sakastan around 100 BCE showing Sogdiana
Location of Sogar in Bharatpur district

Sogar (सोगर) is a town and site of Jat Fort in Kumher tahsil in district Bharatpur, Rajasthan. It was capital of Sogarwars.


Sugriv was a famous warrior in Sogarwar clan. He founded the present Sogar town in Rajasthan near border of Uttar Pradesh. He also constructed fort here, which was known as Sugrivgarh (सुग्रीवगढ). Sugrivgarh is now known as Sogar. There is a math of Sugriv here. All Sogarwars used to keep separate some grains for him when harvesting crop. During marriages also they offer Rs one for Sugriv math.

Notable persons

  • सोगर में पहले जमादार भगवत सिंह और फौजदार राम चंद्र सिंह का सितारा बुलंद था। अब पदमन सिंह की पूछ है।[1]
  • सोगर के ठाकुर गिर्राजसिंह और तुहिया के ठाकुर मनीराम सिंह कौम का थोड़ा बहुत काम करते आ रहे हैं।[2]


4374 persons (2011 Census)[3]

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