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District Map of Jaisalmer

Tanot (तणोट) (Tannot,Tannote) is a Village in Jaisalmer tahsil of Jaisalmer district in Rajasthan.


Rao Tano - Bhatti Chief


Tanot is located on North-west corner of Jaisalmer district near the border of Pakistan.

Jat Gotras

Migration of Yadus

James Tod[1] writes that the tide of Yadu migration during the lapse of thirty centuries, traces them, from Indraprastha, Surapura, Mathura, Prayaga, Dwarica, Jadu Ka Dang (the mountains of Jud), Behera, Ghazni in Zabulistan ; and again refluent into India, at Salivahanpura or Salpura in the Punjab. Tannot, Derawal, Lodorva in the desert, and finally Jaisalmer, founded in S. 1212, or A.D. 1156.


Rao Kehur succeeded Majam Rao. On his accession, Tanot was attacked by Jasrath, chief of the Barahas, because it was erected on the bounds of his tribe ; but Moolraj defended it, and the Barahas were compelled to retire. [2]

On Mangalwar (Tuesday), the full moon of Mah, S. 787 (A.D.731), the fortress of Tunnote was completed, and a temple erected to Tunno-Mata. Shortly after a treaty of peace was formed with the Barahas, which was concluded by the nuptials of their chief with the daughter of Moolraj.[3]

Notable persons


  • तणोटिया देवी तणोट

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