Trilok Singh Dahiya

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Trilok Singh Dahiya was a freedom fighter and social worker from village Sulkhania in Ratangarh tehsil of Churu district in Rajasthan.

Social service

He was known for his logical, witty and judgmental abilities in the nearby region. He was always helped poor and needy people & struggled against Samanti exploitation. Trilok Singh Dahiya's sister was married with Burdaks of Palthana Village, due to Political reasons Choudhary trilok Singh Dahiya brought his sister's family to Sulkhaniya Village and settled them at Sulkhaniya Village permanently, thus Burdaks came to Sulkaniya Village. He fought with Rajpoots on several occasions, in which most memorable he fought with adjoining Rajputs of Chachivad village and took a huge fertile land in possession of Sulkhaniya Village which was distributed among Villagers.[1]


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