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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

Balahaka (बलाहक) is mentioned in Puranas as one of seven mountains of Shalmaladvipa (शाल्मल द्वीप). Balahaka (बलाहक) as a Naga King is mentioned in Mahabharata (II.9.9).




1) Balāhaka (बलाहक).—(Valāhaka). A Naga famous in the Purāṇas. This serpent stays in the durbar hall of Varuṇa, worshipping him. (Mahābhārata, Sabhā Parva, Chapter 9, Stanza 9).[1][2]

2) Balāhaka (बलाहक).—(Valāhaka). A brother of Jayadratha the King of Sindhu. He helped Jayadratha in kidnapping Draupadī. (Mahābhārata, Vana Parva, Chapter 265, Stanza 12).[3][4]

3) Balāhaka (बलाहक).—(Valāhaka). A famous horse yoked on the right side of the chariot of Śrī Kṛṣṇa. Mention is made about this horse in Mahābhārata, Virāṭa Parva, Chapter 45, Stanza 23.[5][6]

4) Balāhaka (बलाहक).—A king. Once Śiva gave this king a vision of him in the shape of a cow-calf. After that in the place where Śiva appeared as calf a Śivaliṅga arose. It began to grow to the extent of an atom daily. But the growth ceased, when an outcaste who became so by Karma (action) visited it. (Skandha Purāṇa 3-2-27). [7][8]

5) Mausala Parva/Book 16 Section 3 mentions.... In the very sight of Daruka, the excellent car of Vasudeva, of solar effulgence, and properly equipped, was taken away by the horses yoked unto it. Those foremost of steeds, numbering four, (Saivya, Sugriva, Meghapushpa and Valahaka), and endued with the speed of thought, fled away, dragging the car after them along the surface of the ocean.

In Mahabharata

Balahaka (बलाहक) (Naga) is mentioned in Mahabharata (II.9.9)

Sabha Parva, Mahabharata/Book II Chapter 9 mentions the Kings Oceans and the Rivers who attended Sabha of Varuna. Valahaka (बलाहक) is mentioned as a Naga king in Mahabharata (II.9.9).[9]....the Nagas called Kambala and Ashvatara; and Dhritarashtra and Balahaka; Matimana and Kundaladhara and Karkotaka and Dhananjaya; ....


विजयेन्द्र कुमार माथुर[10] ने लेख किया है .....बलाहक (AS, p.612) विष्णु पुराण 2,4, 26 के शाल्मल द्वीप के सात पर्वतों में से एक-- 'कुमुदश्चोन्नतश्चैव तृतीयश्च बलाहक:, द्रोणो यत्र महौषध्य: स चतुर्थों महीधर:'.

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