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Viraka (वीरक) was an ancient clan and janapada mentioned in Mahabharata. They have been identified with Virk clan Jats.[1]

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Sandhya Jain[2] has listed Virakas with Mahabharata Tribes with unclear position in Kurukshetra War.

In Mahabharata

Viraka (वीरक) in Mahabharata (VIII.30.45)

Karna Parva/Mahabharata Book VIII Chapter 30 mentions the tribes who are not followers of Brahmanism. Viraka (वीरक) is mentioned in Mahabharata (VIII.30.45).[3]....The Karaskaras, the Mahishakas, the Kalingas, the Kikatas, the Atavis, the Karkotakas, the Virakas, and other peoples of no religion, one should always avoid.

Jat History

Bhim Singh Dahiya[4] writes.... We know that Orissa and the adjoining areas were under the Jats for a pretty long time. The coins of the Tanka clan of the Jats identified by historians as the Puri Kusanas, have been found during excavations. It was In 592 A.D. that the Kesari King, Yayati, superseded the Tank Jat ruler in Orissa.92 The 'Guptas' are called Karaskaras by some people, and this was thought to be a tribal name. In fact, it was the name of a country. Mahabhashya knows a plant (used in medicine) named Karaskar, obviously after the country.93 Vayu Purura says that Karaskara, Kalinga and countries north of Indus river, are inhabited by people devoid of Ashrama Dharma (Hindu division of caste, etc.).94 This is further proof of the fact that 'Guptas' were not originally Indian as the Karaskaras did not follow the caste system. Mahabharata mentions Karaskara, Mahishaka, Karambha, Katakalika, Karkara and Viraka. 95It is again clear, that like the Khatkal, Kakaran, Virk, etc., the Karaskars were Jats.

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वीरक (AS, p.866): एक प्राचीन स्थान जिसका उल्लेख महाभारत, कर्णपर्व में हुआ है- 'कारस्करान्माहिष्कान् कुरंडान् केरलांस्तया, ककाटकान् वीरकांश्च दुधर्मांश्च विवर्जयेत।'- महाभारत, कर्णपर्व 44,43. इस उल्लेख में वर्णित जनपदों के निवासियों को महाभारत के समय दूषित समझा जाता था, क्योंकि संभवतः ये लोग अनार्य जातयों से संबंधित थे। प्रसंगानुसार 'वीरक' दक्षिण भारत का कोई जनपद जान पड़ता है। [5]

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